My Fairy Door

If you wander out in the woods, and take a closer look, you just might find something that is more than meets the eye.


They live in little houses all around the forest that look like this.

The little fairies are just like us only miniature. They have big families that live in the tree trunks all around the forest. So next time you go in the woods, if you get on your hands and knees, you might just find some fairies!

By Jackson

Rotate, Rotate, Rotate!

In math we are learning about rotations. Here is an example of one.


This is a rotation because the purple dimamond in the center acts as a vertice, and the other shapes rotate around it.

Here is a rotation that I made.

I used pattern blocks to make this rotation.

 This was a fun little project and if you have any questions about rotations ask away in the comment box!


Jackson 😛

3 Really Good Blogs!


I am participating in this year’s Student Blogging Challenge!

Here are some neat blogs on the participants list.

If you are all about all kinds of sports, Colton’s blog is the place for you!

If you are into hiking or singing, check out Grace’s blog.

And last but not least here is Abbie’s Blog. Dancing and singing are her passion’s.

I hope you can read some of their post’s and give them some support.

Edited by Kyle



The Streak is Over

The Detroit Red Wings were on quite a roll there for a while. Until Alex Burrows ruined it all in the shootout. I gotta say that the game between the Red Wings and the Canucks was one for the ages.

Here is the full shootout in HD.

I gotta say, what a move by Burrows!

Thanks for watching.


Thank you for the video CanucksHD

My Scooter!


I am gonna show you my scooter!

I’ll start from the top. I have Razor Ultra Pro  handle bars 56 cm high and 35 cm wide with black Odi grips.

I have the Razor Ultra Pro headset, white and green 100 mm Yak High Roller wheels, and Ultra Pro fork.


On the bottom section I have the Ultra Pro deck which is 10 cm wide and 50 cm long with black grip tape from TiteToyz.

I hope you keep reading and commenting on my blog,



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The New York Giants have won the Super Bowl!

I am still in shock of the fact that my favourite team has won a championship.

Some of the great moments were Mario Manningham’s 4th quarter sideline finger-tip catch to eventually set up Ahmad Bradshaw for the “not sure if I should score or not” touchdown.

Bradshaw hesitates, then scores!

Honestly, it was the best moment of my life. I was screaming, laughing and crying on the ground all at the same time.

Michael Boley had 9 tackles, which is good for 5th place in Super Bowl history.

Eli Manning threw 30/40 with 1 TD and 296 yards. This game is by far the best game I have ever watched.

Manning smiles as the confetti falls.

I think with this win, Eli has passed brother Peyton in greatness. Eli will go down as the better quarterback.

Tell me what you think about the Manning brothers.


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With the two AFC and NFC Championship games done, here is what Super Bowl XLVI will look like.

The Epic Showdown

The Giants and Patriots have a XLII rematch on their hands.

Both of these teams will be playing in Indianapolis because of field goal success and failure.

Baltimore Ravens kicker Billy Cundiff  made a major error in his 32 yard field goal miss last Sunday. If he made the kick, he would have sent the game in overtime, but instead the Patriots won 23-20. I really can’t figure out a reason for him to miss that kick. Wind? bad placing? loose cleat? who knows.

My Giants defeated the San Francisco 49er’s 20-17 by a 31 yard Lawrence Tynes field goal in overtime. I was so thrilled. I was jumping up and down, screaming “GIANTS WIN!!!! GIANTS WIN!!!!”

Thanks to Kyle Williams 2 punt return fumbles, (one in the 4th quarter and one in overtime) the Giants were able to score a touchdown on the first error to take the lead 17-14, and then on the second blooper, the overtime game winning field goal.

I have never-ending confidence that the Giants will win.

I am looking forward to Sunday, Patriots.

Jackson 😛


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Tom vs Eli:

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Jackson’s Cool Cork Boards!

Guys will love them!

So will girls!









Also available in felted designs!

For this years Young Entrepreneur Fair, I am going to be making Cool Cork Boards!

Have you ever thought “Man, my locker is lame”?

Then I have something for you!

These boards will personalize your locker! You can post up your favourite celebs, to-do lists, and pictures!

This is also a great way to leave notes for your friends and family by sticking a board on your fridge!

Please fill out my survey so I can collect some info about my product.

Thank you!

Jackson 😛